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Couples and Individual Counseling

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We make plans but our lives are saturated with change and developments that  we often do not see coming.  We have no control over many parameters  but we do have control over how we deal with change. 

Pain, be it emotional or physical, tells us that something is not working well for us. Anger and frustration tell us that our boundaries are being crossed. Anxiety and fear sometimes paralyze or somewhat cause stagnation or movement in the wrong direction.

Curiosity however, leads us to explore and find new solutions to  problems.

I am a very curious and pragmatic person. I offer a sympathetic and professional atmosphere where we respect and observe the difficulties and learning that life presents, understand the dynamics that make things difficult and offer new undertsandings and options for change.

I am very eclectic in my approach and work cooperatively with my clients to release emotional and cognitive blocks to change

Sometimes I compare my work to that of a mechanic. When your car makes weird sounds or a part of it is not working well, it is sometimes life-saving to pay attention to the noise and  identify the problem that needs to be resolved. However that  that does not mean the entire vehicle is useless. We get curious, we explore, we find the cause of the noise and we fix it, making things run smoothly again. Sometimes involving a new way of looking at the problem and sometimes purchasing a new tool or part. Opening a new option or way of thinking.

In recent years, brain and body  research has provided psycho-therapy and counseling with vast new knowledge about  burnout and stress, on building confidence, communication-skills,   connection, trust, sex  and love.

I am here to hold the difficulties with you while building new structures. I am here to generate understanding and to  facilitate progress.

Contact me (This sometimes involves registering and waiting several weeks or months for sessions to begin. If it cannot wait,  I am  always be happy to refer you to one of my excellent trainees).

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