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Love Logic in 2024


Effectiveness in relationships depends on understanding the logic of emotions and defining the structure that holds the relationship together.

This is an opportunity to learn the scientifically proven basis of what makes or breaks relationships . Which skills are worth practicing and which are a total waste of your time and efforts?



We are usually required to express different parts of our identities at work and at home.

While working, we usually present our task-oriented-selves, trying to be efficient- achievers and sometimes, we are required to present our competitive parts. At home, while trying to elicit co-operation and harmony between parents, children of different ages and agendas and even pets, we often present softer and flexible  boundaries, adapting to the different stages of life and needs of our family members. However, many of us often fail while transitioning between work and home, get uptight and disillusioned, regardless if work is at home or at the office. Letting the stress get to us.

In this lecture you will receive useful information and simple exercises that will help bring the best in you, to both arenas and be awake and conscious of the different parts of you that are triggered in each setting. 

Just give me 5 minutes!!

Personal space, your own private emotional and physical charger, is sometimes so hard to come by. Especially when you are with the people you love. Someone will almost always be needing something of you, either at work or at home. In addition at this time of human evolution and the digital era,  the concept of "overtime" is often so completely undefined that you often find yourself  "going back to work" way beyond your kids bedtime.

How can you bring your family to recognize the value and the importance of “me time”, without it being a constant battle? Sometimes it’s more than just PR. It is about Leadership , ownership and individuality. It is about communicating effectively  the value and importance of well-being to all of your family members.

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The Art of Transferring Love

Everyone loves their children, right? But do your children feel loved online? Do they carry your love with them wherever they go? Is your love a true resource for them? Or is it sometimes an idea that cannot be grasped? 

 What makes the difference? Verbal and non-verbal communication with children and deepening love delivery skills... daily. 

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