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Couples: The co-habitation of Romance and Functionality

Why didn't you take out the trash?

The fate of relationships is often defined by very "little moments" and questions, that are insignificant on the surface, but have everything to do with the disappearance of your sex life and joy.

This lecture will clear up much confusion by explaining TEXTS and SUBTEXTS in relationships and how to move beyond the “smelly” parts.

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You are not exactly who I thought 

The original silent contract we draw with our partner, usually has very 

little to do with the reality of our long-term relationship.

Both wonderful and painful discoveries are made  along the way, about who our partners and us can  truly  be with each other. How we handle those surprises usually defines the quality and longevity of our relationships. Just as we consistently update the software on our PC’s or Mobile Phones, we need to update the ways we communicate and share the changes that occur within us. So this one is about how to keep love in motion through changes and evolutions we experience.

The long-term effects of Postpartum on relationships

As a couples counselor, when I begin to explore a couples journey, from closeness to distance or from appreciation to anger, couples will often state that “things started to change between us after the birth of our first child". There are very good reasons for this being the case. Parenting is  often a whole new “project”... very poorly run. Two CEO’s usually with little or non-existent staff support are trying to raise a whole new human being and they have never done it before. Put together all the above with sleepless nights, adjusting to a baby crying and the huge added responsibility you might feel and you experience enough stress to make you lash out or feel disappointment in your partner to last a lifetime. 

This being so common, it is almost shocking to think of how little it is spoken of. This lecture presents the opportunity to revisit stressful moments and re-set the way you look at yourself, your partner and your relationship

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