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Parents as Life Mentors

"Parenting requires us to be both life mentors and eternal students of relationships in motion." Diana Eidelman

                     ! I don’t want to brush my teeth

This lecture is  not about dental hygiene, it is however about managing those difficult moments when children are not cooperative or they're actions do not fit in with our program, with our choices or expectations. On creating collaboration and placing the necessary "road signs" for flowing traffic in our families.


Raising Capable Adults       

As parents, we want to build a secure base that will allow our children to feel confident and competent. A secure base is not just about love, it is also about building resilience without constantly competing with others or looking at them from above or from below. It is about   suffering less from insecurity and avoiding the pains and anxiety that go with it.  What exactly is required from us as life mentors to contribute to our children's ability to believe in themselves and overcome their own limitations?

              A Body of Value  

Children and adults are constantly being bombarded with negative messages about their bodies: "You're not pretty enough/ fit enough/thin enough/ tall enough/ proportionate enough" etc. Very quickly these messages are internalized causing terrible damage to self-esteem and ultimately  become toxic. At a time when the emphasis on purchasing thinness and beauty products dominate our children's lives, how can we convey healthy and happy messages to them  about their bodies? This is a very fragile subject with many teens literally wanting to die because of their perception of the way they look. How can we protect them and create a healthy view of their body and enhance their positive connection to it?

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The Divorce Challenge-Cultivating Love while living in two homes

When a family experiences a divorce it is like the experience of an earthquake, sometimes it will feel like a 2 on the Richter scale and sometimes like a 9. How to view, explain and adapt to divorce is complex and often guilt-ridden. 

But children and parents need to adapt to the new situation and parents need tools and a whole new family vocabulary to handle it well and get rid of the gut feeling that at any moment, the earth can shake again.

 How to strengthen your family and learn to love it in a whole new way.

Preparation for parenting: Meeting with the writer

An exciting and heartwarming session that combines reading excerpts from the book "Preparing for Parenting", with personal anecdotes and presenting Diana's worldview on parenting and postpartum relationships.

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