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I am Diana Eidelman

I research relationships and connections on a day-to-day basis: between life-partners, business-partners, parents and their children, women and men, people and technology. My focus is on observing and improving the way these relationships and connections interface between home and work, livelihood and career building. 

My many diplomas convey only part of my interests andstudies. I hold a B.A. in Educational Counseling and a B.A. in Political Science. I am Certified in Couples and Family Counseling, Certified in Facilitating Adult Groups Specialized in the field of Family and Careers, I trained and taught Trilotherapy - (an approach based on Buddhist concepts), I am an ICEEFT Certified - Emotional Couples Therapist, a TEDxLecturer and an Author

"We live in complex, intriguing and exciting times.

An era that redefines human-to-human relationships vis-a-vis technologies"

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In my private practice I meet with individuals, couples, families and business partners. At the workplace I meet with Management and staff. I lecture (live / webinars / zoom), both in academic, private and public settings.

In 2014, I had the pleasure of giving a TEDx talk about the transition to parenting and the challenge of career-oriented individuals face while incorporating parenting into their lives. It was an exhilarating  experience for me . 550,000 people have seen the talk and I have received wonderful reviews.

I was one of the original founders of "Dyada" - and was the Director of the Parenting and Life-partners sector for 5 years. This network of centers for the support of partners and single-parents who were building families and careers at the same time, set a new standard of service, support and distribution of knowledge. I managed dozens of employees and accompanied thousands of parents supporting their transition to parenthood and family building.


Before that, I was the Founder of "Genesis" - a support and counseling service for new parents. A service used by hundreds of couples and women in support groups and personal counseling, and professionals who participated in parent mentoring courses at the beginning of their careers.


In 2005 I Authored the book "Preparing for Parenting" (Published by Keter) who has already prepared and accompanied thousands of parents in a personal and intelligent way in the small, exciting, and frustrating moments of the first year of parenting A new revised publication of the book is in the making..

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I was born in the USA, grew up in Peru and came to Israel with my family as an adolescent. 

I speak and work fluently in Hebrew, English and Spanish. I understand quite a lot of Portuguese and Italian and am currently studying Greek (Kalimera!) 

As the daughter of an engineer, I love identifying and solving problems. As the daughter of an interior designer, I love beauty, creativity, and attention to detail.

As a child I loved the breeze of the ocean and the movement of the waves. As a woman, I lead processes that generate movement in places that are stuck. Both in  the emotional and organizational spheres.. 

As a professional, I love to succeed. It matters to me that I  provide you with useful information, new models of thinking and approaches and to enhance and experience  that which should give you a sense that you have effective relationship  tools to achieve your goals, both at work and at home.

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