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Effective relationship tools for individuals,couples and the FFWorkplace



Seminars for Employees and Executives


In the long -hours work culture, our work often becomes the center of our lives. Yet we truly want to focus both on work AND on our relationships. We search for ways to integrate them both successfully. It can be done! Even when working from home.

Loveffective provides you with information, tools and simple exercises which can bring out the best in you, both in your most valued relationships and in your career, while successfully managing to combine them.

Emotional and Cognitive processes are important to all of us. 

Seminars cater to the specific needs of employees and executives, be they single or in relationships.  

*Participants are not required to share any kind of private information about their lives and relationships with co-participants.

*The seminars can take place at the work places or at a resort in which the employees are staying, with or without their partners.



To a certain degree, we often shift identities, when going to work and returning at the end of the day. At work many of us tend to be effective, goal and task oriented and if necessary, competitive. At home we are usually required to take on a more cooperative, flexible, soft yet directive, identity. Sometimes we fail in the transition from one “planet” to the other.

 Our loved ones at home are sometimes uncooperative while we're trying to work

and our work place can become  "the enemy that keeps us away from our loved ones".

But it doesn't have to be so.

Loveffective will provide you information, tools and simple exercises, that will allow you to be your best-effective- self in both areas,

with the sole purpose of improving the way you bridge the relationship between work and home.

First-Class Relationship In the Digital Era


Regardless of our social-economic-status, the digital era has changed the way we communicate with our loved-ones and at the workplace.

Current Well-Being research, emphasizes the value and quality of our love-relationships as a hugely influential parameter of human health.

So many get divorced or indicate marital-dissatisfaction

Clearly there is something cardinal missing in our tool-box.

We aim for a "first-class" lifestyle, but do not aim for "first-class" relationships.

Our relationships fall through the cracks and each partner waits for the other to pick them up.

Recognizing this can discourage us, but it can also  wake us up. At Loveffective we have consolidated information that can be useful, practical and effective for your employees.

Each participant in our FIRST-CLASS-RELATIONSHIPS SEMINAR will realize his/ her true ability to influence the relationships they care about the most, gaining the opportunity to enjoy  

First-Class Relationships!

"I'VE BECOME A COUPLES THERAPIST! (But I didn't mean to!)


Are you a Contractor? a Lawyer? an Interior Decorator? a Construction Superintendent? 

But actually feel like you are more of a Couples Therapist?

It is often soooo difficult to work with couples! You may ask yourself :

"Why is it so difficult for the couples I work with, to get their act together!?

However, nothing in your professional training has prepared you to face the dynamics you see in couples , especially when they're feeling stressed and have to make important decisions together.

This is a one of a kind seminar that teaches specific communication skills and models to help you help the couples you work with, make progress and cooperate. We are sure that once you've taken it, you won't understand how you managed without it!!!

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