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Effective relationship tools for individuals,couples and the FFWorkplace


Seminars for Employees and Executives


These times, in which our work becomes the center of our lives, we search for the way to integrate it into our private life - relationships, partners, children and friends.

We have gathered in our seminars all the information that is needed so that each participant, employees and executives, will know how to recognize the influence they have on the important relationships of their life,

and the right approach that will increase the chances of a fulfilling romantic life, with a prospering career. 

Loveffective will provide you with information, tools and simple exercises which will bring out the best of you in both areas, relationship and career, and manage to combine them in the best way.

*To participate in the seminars, the employees and executives are not required to have a family.

*It is our top priority in the seminars to maintain your privacy and secrecy.

*The participants are not required to share any kind of information about their lives and relationships.

*The seminars can take place at the work places or at a resort in which the employees are staying at, with or without their partners.



To a certain degree, we usually shift identities, when going to work and returning at the end of the day. At work many of us tend to be effective, goal and task oriented and if necessary, competitive. At home we are usually required to take on a more cooperative, flexible, soft yet directive, identity. Sometimes we fail in the transition from one “planet” to the other.

We leave fresh in the morning and come back home exhausted

Our home becomes a great bother when we try to work,

and our work place becomes our "enemy that keeps us away from our loved ones".

But it doesn't have to be so.

Loveffective will provide you information, tools and simple exercises, which will allow you to be your best-effective- self in both areas, with the sole purpose of improving the way you bridge the relationship between work and home.

First-Class Relationship In the Digital Are


Regardless of our social-economic-status, the digital era has changed the way we communicate with our loved-ones and the workplace.

Current Well-Being research, emphasizes the value and quality of our love-relationships as a hugely influential parameter of our human health definition.

In an are which so many get divorce or indicate a marital-dissatisfaction, it is quite clear that a gap will be crated between the desire of good relationship and the ability to realize it.

We aim for a "first-class" lifestyle, but precisely because of the great challenge of this and the feeling that the key to success for a couple depends on two and not only one, we become discouraged and give up ourselves on the field of marriage.

Thus, the relationship falls between the chairs and each partner waits of the other to move the system.

Recognizing this can discourage some, but it can also make us wake up. Prepare for adjusted learning. Use the extensive research information on brain research in love skills.

At Loveffective we have consolidated information that can be useful, practical and effective for you. Each participant in our FIRST-CLASS-RELATIONSHIPS SEMINAR will realize his true ability to influence the relationships they care about the most and raise his chances to win a First-Class relationship.



Are you a Contractor? a Lawyer? an Interior Decorator? a Construction Superintendent? 

Actually feel like you are be more of a Couples Therapist?

Why is it so difficult for partners to meet each other?

Looking for short and effective ways to work with your partner?

Do you want to promote projects such as building a house, signing a contract, working with contractors, writing a will or any other concrete matter?

This is a one of a kind seminar that teaches specific communication skills and models of partners working together, around special projects which require cooperation between the partners.

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