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Effective relationship tools for individuals,couples and the FFWorkplace



My lectures are suitable for all sized live and Zoom audiences.

Providing you with important information which unfortunately is usually only in the hands of professionals like myself, people who work in private clinics in the fields of relationships, parenting and personal growth. However, I believe it should be shared with all of you and provide you with practical tools to improve the quality of your life, your family's and co-workers.



 At work many of us tend to be effective, goal and task-oriented. Even competitive. At home we are usually required to take on a more cooperative, flexible, soft- yet directive- identity.

How do we keep it together, both at work and at home?

Especially when so many of us are now working from home?!

Sometimes we fail in the transition from one “planet” to the other.  Simple information, communication skills and physical exercises which will help you to be your best successful self in both arenas.



At the beginning of the way things flow.

Slowly we discover lack of coordination between what we thought, what is

and what we think should be, in our relationships.

We need to revisit our original contract and adapt it to change, depth and growth. Find the bugs and upgrade. For that, you don't need a lawyer, or a computer programmer.

You simply  need new and practical knowledge.



On really crucial questions couples ask each other and how

they relate to their disappearing sex lives.

Understanting the TEXT and SUB-TEXT of your relationship in the digital era

is paramount to the success of your love life!.



On personal space in the familial dimension, at a time in which the term "overtime" has lost it's meaning and many “go back" to work, once the kids go to bed.

Recoginizing those moments that really matter and make a difference:

How to be aware of them, create them consciously and get the most out of them.

The moments that matter the most are just there for you to grab.

When "US" was 2

Relationships after childbirth

In couple's counseling, when you begin to explore and discover when the drifting apart and distancing began, most couples state that it was upon the birth of their first child.

There are very good reasons for this. Every couple’s unwritten contract changes tremendously once  actually taking on the most important joint project of their lives.

Much changes, we get a fright and we need to learn how to face fear with love.

THE ART OF LOVING: Communication Skills For Families


All parents love their children, but do the children feel it and are convinced this is true throughout their lives?

The claim that “even though Mommy is angry at you, she still loves you”,

isn't always so convincing..

On verbal and non-verbal communication skills with children and deepening the experience of love.



We know that the definition of the self goes though learning how to say NO. It is important that our children can practice it! However, as parents it is far from being easy to deal with and contain.


So this is about safe-sailing through those magical moments in which your child is unhappy or not cooperative with your choices and expectations. 

THE BAND-AID ERA: Messages We Give Our Kids About Their Bodies


How can we protect our kids from the constant media- bombardment on how they should look? how they should feel in their bodies? how they should eat happy- looking- junk=-food?

How can we effectively convey healthy and affirmative messages to them about being connected to their bodies?

There is a loving, intelligent, practical way!

(and the way we use band-aids has a lot to do with it)

“DADDY, I CAN’T!” The keys to raising children who believe In themselves


We suffer and hesitate a lot when we don’t believe in ourselves. We make poor decisions when we come from that place. As parents, we want our children to suffer less from lack of confidence and unconsciously we may even hope that our children release us from our own childhood fears and pain.

What type of coaching or way of thinking, can help our children believe that they can face their fears and their own limitations? How do we help them be their own best friend?

PREPARING FOR PARENTHOOD - For Those Who Are Thinking Of Having Children Or Are Currently Pregnant


About the "project" that teaches us more than anything... about love.

How to understand and deal best with the significant changes related to becoming a parent.

An emotional encounter which involves reading parts of the book "Preparing for Parenthood", with personal anecdotes and outlooks.



When a family goes through a divorce it can feel like experiencing an earthquake, sometimes with a magnitude of 2 in the Richter Scale and sometimes 9. How do you adjust to the new situation and how to get rid of the anxious feeling that an earthquake may occur again at any moment?

How do you help your family adapt and grow? 

How do you re-locate yourself and your children?

And yes, this lecture is also about love. Lots of it.

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