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Effective relationship tools for individuals,couples and the FFWorkplace



Personal Consulting

For Individuals, Couples & Families

Sometimes we don’t exactly know why we don’t get along with our loved ones.

We can’t always put our finger on it.

But we do know that a third party may have a perspective we cannot see.

Sometimes we disagree with our colleagues, or members of staff,

it gets complicated and we need help to get back on the right path.

Sometimes we don’t fully understand our actions, our choices,

or our feelings and need to talk about it, in order to connect the dots.

I can help.

We will work together in order to see and clarify and

define the problem that needs to be solved.

We will work together to find the best ways to approach it.

We will work together at observing your emotional input and at implementing the best strategies, communication skills and steps needed to move in the right direction.

And then- we will breath and be effective.

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