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Effective relationship tools for individuals,couples and the FFWorkplace



In our relationships, we experience constant motion.

We get close- we drift apart.


Imagine what it would be like to explore and comprehend that motion,

observing your movement non-judgmentally.

 In a private and  encouraging environment,

learning new pathways, discovering new options.


Imagine a series of lectures at your workplace, which  empower you and your co-workers, with a deeper understanding of what it is you can do once you get home and walk through that door. Knowing what will effectively sustain vibrancy and love, regardless of how tired or stressed-out everyone is.


Imagine you and your partner at a pampering resort, for a day or two. Getting close, enjoying each other, while focusing on what happens between you , receiving tools, getting  aligned. 


Imagine what it would feel like, as a CEO or as the head of HR,  to provide a seminar for the people who work in your company, that gives them access to specific information which will help them  bridge the gap between work and home, improve in their most important relationships and start their workday, experiencing clarity and peace of mind.


The great news is that we have tangible knowledge, regarding love and attachment. We know what truly helps people get closer and trust each other and what makes it hard for them to do so over the years.

We have simple , practical knowledge to share.

I’ve read, I’ve studied,  experimented, made mistakes, explored, trained and gained 

knowledge and diplomas.

I’ve put it all together, making it concise, accessible and  on target in order to

help your home and work lives flow together.




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